Come in, Come in

The devil is in the

I have an obsession with horror. Particularly, the horror that slowly creeps upon you. The horror thatafter switching off the lightwhispers terrible things along the hairs on your neck as you climb the staircase of your childhood home, exposing your vulnerabilities to the darkness behind you. Terrible things that scratch and crawl their way into your brain, even though you don't believe in ghosts.

I am an illustration artist based in OKC. Creating art has always been an important part of my identity. The duality of my interests is evident in my artfull bloom florals and other innocuous organisms invade the human body and the human experience. These all stand in stark contrast to heavy inkwork. I hope to create art that allows you to witness something new each time you walk past it, inviting you deeper in.

Because the devil may very well lurk there.